About us


Uniting and empowering communities by dynamic action
for social peace, public justice and economic sufficiency
to transform the nation” 

Our Vision


Sri Lanka is often called the paradise isle – a land with pristine beaches, breathtaking scenery and wonderful people with beautiful smiles. These smiles tell you stories of happiness – the joy of surviving a bitter war, the confidence that despite poverty, they will not go hungry, the optimism that they will rebuild their livelihoods ruined by natural disasters and the hope that their children will lead better lives someday.

At Alliance Development Trust (ADT), we do all we can to give people living in extreme poverty and depravity a reason to keep smiling.

We reach out to people when they are at their lowest, when natural and manmade disasters take away the lives of their loved ones, their homes, livelihoods and school books.

Our Beginnings

With beginning in July 1983 as the relief and development arm of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka, the ADT engaged in various relief initiatives, tending to the needs and redressing social issues of victims of the ethnic riots.

Then, as the war in the North and East heightened, the ADT reached out to the victims of the war – the internally displaced, the ex-combatants, the widows, the orphans and the injured. Even though it has been years since the fires of war died down, we still work with war-affected communities helping them regain their lost livelihoods and dignity and build back better lives.

Our Calling

When natural disasters strike, we are among the first to go to the help of those affected. Just like we supported the victims of the Asian Tsunami in 2004, we still stand beside the victims of floods and landslides with emergency assistance and post-disaster relief to help them recover from material loss and traumatic experiences brought about by such disasters.

But at ADT, we believe that assistance should not stop at relief work. We believe that only true development will help impoverished and discriminated communities as well as those who have been affected by disasters. With the aim of providing holistic development accessible to rural villages and urban slums, the ADT introduced its Development Education initiative at the grassroots level, empowering members of the selected communities to be the catalysts of change. They are equipped to be decision-makers in the aid that we provide – microfinance loans, latrine and well constructions, child development programmes such as sponsorship, children’s club and nutrition programmes and other community development projects carried out through the various departments of the ADT.

The ADT also reaches out to high-risk communities and discriminated persons especially those living with HIV, AIDS and Leprosy. We spread awareness about the virus and the illness with the hope of achieving zero new infections and promote acceptance of those affected by these health conditions so as to fight the stigmas affiliated with these conditions and help those affected to receive the care and attention they need to recover.

Our journey has been a long one; working in all parts of the country to reach out to those who are most in need of our assistance, wiping away tears and giving hope to those who despair. We believe that everyone has a right to hope, dream and smile and we have invested ourselves in sparking a positive change in their lives.

Every year, the ADT helps hundreds of people living in deprivation and discouragement.

Let us help you reach out to them in their time of need.


Do you believe you can create a positive impact in the life of the impoverished, marginalised and disadvantaged? We believe you can!