Sustainable Livelihood


At Alliance Development Trust, we believe in sustainable development. Over the years, hundreds of families affected by manmade and socio-natural disasters as well as those hailing from marginalised and underprivileged communities have received assistance from the ADT to rebuild their lives and emerge from the vicious cycle of poverty. Working towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals of No Poverty (Goal 1) and Decent Work and Economic Growth (Goal 8), the ADT reaches out to war-affected persons, rural villagers, leprosy-affected persons and urban slum dwellers.

Alongside loans and grants for selected persons to begin livelihoods, the ADT also provides training that guides the beneficiaries in mapping out available resources and market opportunities and identifying their strengths while instructing them on basic business principles and encouraging entrepreneurship and sustainable small and medium enterprises.


Healing Water for Residents of Palaviya

The Alliance Development Trust provided Pastor Gracien with a Micro Water Purification Plant as a livelihood initiative through which he is also able to distribute clean drinking water for the use of his community. Pastor Gracien lives in Palaviya which is a remote village in the Puttalam District – one of the several regions affected primarily due to insecticides and weedicides contaminating the water table. Communities living in these areas are severely affected kidney diseases and dental fluorosis.

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Follow-Up Meeting with Livelihood Beneficiaries

The Business Development Unit of the Alliance Development Trust organised a meeting on 22 May, 2018 to inquire into the current status of six small business owners supported by the unit in the past years. The meeting was held together with three directors of the Industrial Development Board, Jaffna who were instrumental in identifying these beneficiaries. At the meeting, the possibility of developing the beneficiaries’ current business ventures were discussed. It is important to note that these beneficiaries are war-affected women living in rural Jaffna and most of them are the sole-breadwinners of their families.


Livelihood Grants for the War-Affected

The Alliance Development Trust distributed livelihood grants among 25 ex-combatants and war-affected persons in 2017. A majority of these recipients are those who suffered from war-related injuries and disabilities and thus find it difficult to seek gainful employment due to their disabilities and social discrimination of ex-combatants. The livelihoods initiated by these beneficiaries are grocery stores, home-based poultry farms and rearing of goats and cattle, peanut farming and other home-based industries.

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