Child Participation and Development


At the Alliance Development Trust, we believe in creating a safe and secure environment for children and to provide them with access to opportunities and commodities that are vital towards securing a better future. Through the Children’s Sector, the ADT supports the needs of children from vulnerable communities, conducting child rights and child protection awareness programmes for children, youth, parents and communities.

The ADT conducts child sponsorship programmes among rural and underprivileged communities, initiating child circles where children are equipped to become catalysts of change and development in their communities. As we take lot of interest in the wellbeing of children, the ADT also conducts nutritional and educational support for children hailing from rural and impoverished households.


Child Protection Programmes

The Alliance Development Trust regularly conducts child protection programmes for the benefit of children living in urban slums and other impoverished communities. These programmes create awareness on child abuse, risk behaviours and on child rights among both children and adults in a bid to create a safer atmosphere for children. Since January 2018, six such programmes have been conducted in the Western and Southern Provinces, reaching 94 children and 23 adults.

The ADT also celebrated World Children’s Day on 6 October, 2018 with 32 children in Badowita for whom the ADT had conducted two child protection programmes earlier in 2018.

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Nutrition Programmes for Preschool Students in the North

A nutrition project initiated by the Alliance Development Trust in June 2017 in the war-affected region of Kilinochchi, continued in 2018 too. Through this project, 80 students from three selected preschools are provided with a nutritional breakfast every weekday morning. As a result of this project, there has been an increase in the number of children attending preschool from these rural communities. The teachers report an increase in the children’s growth as well as attentive and active participation in studies. The students’ parents are also involved in the preparation of these meals and this in turn is a great platform to inform parents on the nutritional requirements of growing children.

In addition, the Alliance Development Trust also provided a cupboard to one of the selected preschools while all three preschools received sports items and cooking utensils for the preparation of the meals.

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Child Sponsorship Programme

The Alliance Development Trust also continued to support 386 children through its sponsorship programme conducted in selected areas in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. The programme conducts regular activities through the four children’s circles formed in these areas. These children’s circles were registered as children’s clubs under the Child Rights Governing System of Sri Lanka on 3 February, 2018. The children’s circles were also provided with sports items for their leisure time activities.

Promoting a Child Protection Policy

On 2 February 2018, the officers of the Alliance Development Trust met with the Zonal Director of Education, Vavuniya-South (Northern Province) to discuss the importance of implementing a child protection policy in schools in this region. Following the meeting, the Zonal Director expressed his support towards this initiative.

Similarly, on 28 March 2018, the Alliance Development Trust conducted an envisioning programme towards promoting Child Protection among mothers and members of the Village Child Development Committee in Trincomalee (Eastern Province). The 11 participants were instructed on the importance of child protection and their contribution towards it. These participants were also equipped to share their training with others and thus advocate for child-friendly spaces in their communities.