Emergency Response


Due to extreme weather conditions and intense monsoonal activity, Sri Lanka is annually affected by heavy rainfalls, strong winds, floods and landslides that at times claim lives in their wake. Hundreds of families are displaced islandwide during the months of April and May when their homes are flooded or buried under mud.

At Alliance Development Trust, we are among the first to reach those affected with prepared meals and first-aid and the last to leave, providing affected families with household items and students with book packs with the aim of helping them return to normalcy.

The Alliance Development Trust also reaches out to those affected by man-made disasters such as ethnic tensions and communal violence, standing with them in solidarity at their time of despair and difficulty.


Reaching Out to the Victims of Communal Riots

The Alliance Development Trust (ADT) distributed 450 relief packs to the victims of the communal violence that broke out in Digana in early March. In solidarity with the victims, the ADT’s relief team visited the Masjidun Noor Jumma Masjid, Masjidul Lafir Jummah Mosque and homes of Muslim families which were damaged by the mobs, distributing packs of dry rations which totalled to the value of LKR 600,000.

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School Packs for Children of Kegalle

In a bid to encourage the children affected by the natural disasters in the Kegalle area which wreaked havoc in the months of April to May 2017, the Alliance Development Trust distributed 200 school packs on 10 July 2017 for students from Maniyangama, Bomaluwa, Galabalakanda, Viharakanda and Velangalla in Dehiowita which was the area worst affected by the floods. Students from 32 schools benefited from this distribution. This area was one that was left out of other relief efforts carried out by the government and other organisations. The villagers faced indescribable suffering due to the 13 landslides which took place and the flood waters which rose up to 14 feet in certain areas. A total of 21 schools in these five villages were completely destroyed or partially damaged and most are not in a condition to resume classes for the children.

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Assistance for Flood-Affected Estate Communities

The Alliance Development Trust’s (ADT) relief team reached out to two estate communities living in the Kalutara District on 19 July, 2017. It distributed dry ration and non-food relief packs to a total of 72 families who were left in dire straits following the flood and landslide situation; 62 of them hailing from the estate sector. The dry ration packs which were distributed among 68 families, included 6kg of rice, 1kg of dhal, 2 packs of soya, 1kg of green gram, 2 packets of biscuits, 500g of tea, 400g of milk powder and 1kg of sugar. The non-food relief packs distributed among 72 families were complete with a torch light, 2 cakes of antiseptic soap, 2 cakes of laundry soap, 4 toothbrushes, 1 tube of toothpaste, 2 packs of sanitary napkins, a portable mattress, a bedsheet, a mosquito net, a travel mat and cooking utensils.

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