April 24, 2018

National Programmes- no underline

The Alliance Development Trust (ADT) responds to the various needs arising in the country with the aim of bringing about a safer and brighter tomorrow for all Sri Lankans. Even though the majority of the ADT’s projects come under its Community Development and Humanitarian Aid sectors, the ADT does not constrict itself to the parameters of the selected villages and disadvantaged communities, but rises up to the need of creating awareness on issues such as HIV and AIDS, leprosy, good sanitary practices, child protection, etc. The ADT implements several programmes on a nationwide basis in order to address the needs of other underprivileged and marginalised communities. The persons that received assistance through such programmes were identified because of their dire need, poor living conditions and vulnerability, by ADT’s regional offices located island wide. These programmes are conducted by the following sectors –


· Sexual and Reproductive Health
· Leprosy
· Water and Sanitation
· Livelihood
· Children