April 24, 2018

The Journey of Gowri : a Daughter, a Mother, an Entrepreneur (Slide Show)

Oct 30, 2015 0

Refusing to allow difficult circumstances determine her future, Gowri is now the proprietor of a flourishing business. Gowri’s success is not only enjoyed by her family. Her business is doing well enough to provide employment to women who need it most, in her village of Karainagar. Check out the July-Sep issue of our Alliance News, for more on Gowri.   ...

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Paving the Path for the Youth

Aug 12, 2015 0

The Alliance Development Trust (ADT) strives to empower the youth of its selected villages to contribute to and actively participate in its development programmes. Thereby, the ADT periodically conducts projects for the welfare of the youth living in the communities it works in. This International Youth Day, we bring to you a programme conducted for the benefit of the youth of four villages in the Vavuniya District. Due to its rurality and limited access to facilities, the youth of these communities are not enthusiastic in pursuing higher education. In the event where they fail their Ordinary Level (O/Level) examination, most ...

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Naharaji – 2 Years Later

Aug 5, 2015 0

Our First Meeting Like many who lived in Puthukkudiyiruppu (Mullaitivu, Sri Lanka), Eeswaran Naharaji too was greatly affected by the armed conflict. She was widowed when the fires of war claimed her husband. As the surviving parent, Naharaji tried her hand at grinding spices in order to put food on the table for her three young children. Her earnings were meagre. The children wanted more than just food; they wanted to go to school. Naharaji grew more anxious with each passing day. She knew that she was doing her best; yet she watched her business growing weaker. It was on ...

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A Stich in Time Saves Three

Jul 7, 2015 0

  A stitch in time saves nine is an appropriate aphorism for Saila’s timely and determined effort to save herself and her daughters from the difficulties of being a female-headed household living in the aftermath of a 30 year armed conflict in the North of Sri Lanka. Six years after the end of the war, 90,000 war widows like Saila, struggle to survive and support young families while facing displacement, discrimination, poverty and human trafficking. With the demise or disappearance of the male breadwinner, the responsibility of providing for the family’s needs and the nurturing of children fall entirely upon ...

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Sewing Machines for Female-Headed Households in Jaffna

Jun 25, 2015 0

Following the success of the sewing machine distribution in Kilinochchi, the Rotary Club of Jaffna partnered with the Alliance Development Trust (ADT) once again to reach out to more female-headed households in the North. A total of 100 sewing machines were distributed amongst female breadwinners in Jaffna at a ceremony held on 23rd June, 2015 at the Thiyahie Charitable Trust (TCT) Hall in Jaffna. Among the guests who graced the occasion were the District Governor of the Rotary and other distinguished Rotarians, E. Saravanapavan – Member of Parliament and managers of the ADT. The sewing machines were distributed amongst the ...

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A Better Future for Ahileswary’s Daughters

May 31, 2015 0

Even as Sri Lanka marks six years after the end of the ethnic war, the people living in war-affected regions are still struggling to return to normalcy. Most of them cannot reach adequate living standards because they have to overcome the loss of life, limb and livelihood. Among them are the female-headed households that fight a daily battle to provide for the needs of their families within the parameters set by their communities. The women of these rural villages live with the yoke of socially ascribed gender roles. They do not receive adequate access to education, nutrition, health care and ...

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30 Healthy Chickens and Counting

Apr 15, 2015 0

Kiruja is a young mother who lives in rural Madukulam, Vavuniya with her husband and two children. After facing displacement during the ethnic war, Kiruja and her husband returned to their home with dreams for a beautiful new home in which they would live happily with their children. They started to rebuild their lives one step at a time, rearing chickens in their spacious garden for their day-to-day expenses. However, since this couple decided to build a better home for their children, they had to give up on the poultry farm as they could not cope with the added responsibility ...

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A Store of Happiness for Thavakumar

Feb 18, 2015 0

Thavakumar is the proud owner of a grocery store in the community of Varani Iyattalai J344, Jaffna. He beams with pride as yet another customer walks into his grocery store. He is now able to cater to most of his customers’ needs even though in the past business was not this rewarding for Thavakumar. For a long period of time he was able to sell only a few essential items at his store. Throughout this period, Thavakumar made a very small profit that was barely enough to support the needs of his mother and younger siblings who were under his ...

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A Cow, a Calf and Greener Pastures for Parameshwari

Sep 22, 2014 0

  Parameshwari lives with her two daughters in the rural village of Iluppadichchenai in Batticaloa. Since she was widowed, she found it very difficult to shoulder the responsibilities as the breadwinner of her family. She felt handicapped because it was hard work tilling her deceased husband’s old fields to provide for her family’s needs. Moreover, it was very hard to get the water needed for agriculture. Then she heard of Alliance Development Trust (ADT) which proposed to develop their community and equip the villagers to reach adequate living standards. According to Parameshwari’s experiences, non-governmental organisations usually distribute relief items among ...

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Waste Not – Want Not

Aug 18, 2014 0

Seenithambi is a silver-haired grandfather who can now afford to enjoy quite afternoons strolling through the fields of Valakkalai, a rural village in Batticaloa which Seenithambi calls home. However, he chose not to be a burden to his children and with the aim of contributing towards their household needs Seenithambi joined a special project conducted by Alliance Development Trust (ADT). A total of eight persons were selected for training on compost making. They received a comprehensive training and advice on how to collect dried leaves and other organic material from their surroundings, the amount of moisture and heat required for ...

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