April 24, 2018

Help Vimala Meet her Familys’ Daily Needs for Water

Nov 13, 2014 0

Vimala* lives in a nightmare. Her husband is living with HIV. Her two children still do not know the gravity of their father’s illness; the eldest is only 6 years old and the youngest is a little over a year.  Vimala lives in fear of every viral flu and illness due to her husbands weak immune system. Her husband whose livelihood is welding work, fights a daily battle to provide the nutrition his family needs. Sometimes Vimala’s neighbours and relatives who live nearby help them with a few basic needs. For a long time Vimala and her husband managed to ...

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AIDS – 11 Days after Marriage

Jun 30, 2014 0

The Sooriyakaanthi Magazine, a Tamil language weekly publication, during one of it’s issues in the month of June, carried an interview of a couple living fulfilled lives despite having contracted the HIV virus through previous relationships. During the interview they express their initial shock, apprehension and attempts to commit suicide. The support that the Alliance Development Trust had rendered to them both through Project Positive, has given them however a new lease of life, where they have come forward to speak about their situation particularly in the context of living in Jaffna where the stigma surrounding the virus is still very ...

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The Race Against HIV and AIDS

Dec 14, 2013 0

A ripple of excitement ran through the streets of Dehiwala on 7th December 2013, as a truck with a PA system with banners proclaiming HIV and AIDS awareness drove ahead announcing the marathon in commemoration of World AIDS Day and urging motorist to make way for 33 runners. It led the route through Kawdana Road, Bakery junction and Bellantota junction. A police escort rode beside the truck and the runners. Spectators gathered on the roadsides piqued with curiosity. Relatives, friends and parents rode and drove alongside the runners on motorbikes and three wheel vehicles encouraging them and dousing them with ...

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Pastors Begin to Think Positive on HIV and AIDS

Sep 25, 2013 0

There are many misconceptions and perceptions held by the Christian community on HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. This year a group of pastors and leaders from the Christian community had the opportunity to take part in Channels of Hope aboard the Logos Hope Ship that was docked in the Colombo harbour in August 2013. The two-day training module of the Channels of Hope programme, which was conducted on the 17th and 18th of September, was designed to bring acceptance, support and hope to HIV and AIDS affected communities. “There is reluctance on the part of certain pastors to ...

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