April 24, 2018

THINK, ACT and SAVE – World Water Day in Vavuniya

Apr 30, 2015 0

In marking World Water Day, the Alliance Development Trust’s (ADT) Water and Sanitation sector conducted a conference at the Rural Development Foundation in Vavuniya on 6th and 7th April, 2015. The 33 participants representing seven regions namely Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Vavuniya, Anuradhapura, Trincomalee, Colombo and Galle consisted of 10 Change Makers club volunteers, 14 teachers, 6 preschool teachers, the Preschool Coordinator for Vavuniya, a counsellor from the District Secretariat of Vavuniya and a community leader. As the conference was conducted on a Training of Trainers (TOT) basis, the participants were empowered from the very beginning of the conference to reach out ...

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Taking it to the Streets

Apr 4, 2014 0

The people who call Vavuniya home live in the shadow of a harsh reality; they are at a risk of developing kidney-related illnesses as most of them do not have access to safe drinking water. While a minority of this group try their best to escape this fate, most of them simply submit to it. However the solution to this problem is as simple as drinking boiled water. In a bid to spread this vital message, Alliance Development Trust marked World Water Day on the 29th of March, 2014 raising awareness on the importance of clean water on the streets ...

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ADT Marks World Water Day through Street Drama

Mar 25, 2014 0

The Water and Sanitation sector of the Alliance Development Trust, in keeping with one of it’s objective of training communities on access to safe water and their responsibility to conserve it, will be marking World Water Day, that falls on the 22nd of March, through street drama. The drama will be enacted in four locations in the Vavuniya town on the 29th of March. Await more information on the event and other projects launched by the water and sanitation sector on our website soon. For campaigns and events launched worldwide click here ...

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Toilets for Killikunjumalai

Sep 16, 2013 0

Large numbers of persons living in the North and East of Sri Lanka who were displaced by the ethnic conflict still live without a home to call their own and struggle to overcome the grasps of poverty. The community of Killikunjumalai, Trincomalee consists of resettled families who had lost their homes and belongings to the ethnic conflict. They live amidst harsh conditions with restricted access to basic facilities such as water and sanitation. The plight of the womenfolk of this village was especially great as they did not have toilets. “The only toilet for the village was in a terrible ...

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Raising Awareness on Water Cooperation among Rural Schools

Jun 18, 2013 0

Each year the Water and Sanitation Department of Alliance Development Trust (ADT) celebrates World Water Day by creating awareness on water conservation and promoting the importance of proper sanitary practices. The United Nations declared 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation. Thereby this year, ADT embraced the World Water Day as an opportunity to promote good water management as an answer to the problem the international community experiences in sharing water among conflicting needs and interests. As this message has not penetrated the rural areas of Sri Lanka, ADT conducted an art competition on Water Cooperation in St. Anthony’s College ...

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Clean Water for the North

Jul 30, 2010 0

The ethnic conflict created a major devastation which affected almost all citizens of Sri Lanka, especially those from the northern and eastern provinces. Even following the conclusion of the armed conflict, persons affected and displaced struggle to return to normalcy as they had lost their loved ones, homes and belongings. The most pressing need of resettled families was access to clean water. The Government of Sri Lanka assigned Alliance Development Trust (ADT) to work with the resettled villages in the Kilinochchi, Vavuniya, Trincomalee and Batticaloa districts, serving approximately 5500 direct and indirect families. Due to the vast devastation in the ...

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