April 24, 2018

The Alliance Development Trust (ADT) recently conducted an awareness programme on child protection for vulnerable group of children in the Wellawatte area. The 22 children who participated in this programme were from the age category of 6 to 15 years. They hail from an impoverished community and face several issues due to their exposure to abuse, drugs, bad influence from youth or adults and have access to the internet and smart phones and devices without proper guidance and supervision.

The ADT took this opportunity to advise the children on how important it is to protect themselves even in situations where they have very little parent or guardian supervision. The children were also given advice on;

  • Identifying abuse and abusive behaviours of others
  • Assessing situations that put them at risk of abuse
  • Identifying abusers
  • Steps they should take in order to stay safe
  • Child rights and responsibilities

The little participants were also requested to share what they learnt about abuse and high-risk situation with their friends and thereby create awareness about child protection in their neighbourhood. The children are thereby equipped to not only stay safe from abuse but to also identify and help their friends who are facing abusive situations. The programme was complete with fun activities for the children so as to make this an interesting and enjoyable programme for them.


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